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SENTENTIA. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Zamotaev D.Yu. Political Activity of Russias Internet Audience on a Regional Level as a Constituent of Civil Society

Abstract: The goal of this work is the analysis of Russias internet audience as a participant in the political communication on a regional level and its attitude towards the activity of the non-governmental public organizations as the important constituents of forming of civil society. The subject off this research includes the following components: 1. Socio-political analysis of the aspects of Russias internet audience; 2. The details of the online activity of the responders; 3. The perception of population about the role of non-governmental public organizations in Russia; 4. Classification of the public opinion of the population regarding the role and influence of the non-governmental organizations at the regional level. Selective polling was conducted on the population of the Krasnogorsky District of the Moscow Oblast consisting of 300 people between 20 and 62 years of age, representing the working class. The author emphasizes the need for a wide range of informational forums for a two-way communication at the regional level, and encouragement of citizens to participate in the dialogue, public discussion of the national politics online, and forming of the political culture of the society.


activity, politics, region, non-governmental organizations, civil society, Internet audience, interests, opinion, awareness, participation

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