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Содержание № 01, 2016
Asadullaev I.K. - Not an a priori knowledge, but knowledge-faith: the world by Kant and Hegel c. 1-8


Abstract: The subject of this research is the projection of new concepts of philosophy into the borderline area of philosophy and physics, and astrophysics. The dark matter and dark energy have lately produced controversial discussions, but overall leave behind the key – the impossibility of attempts to discover phenomena and essence of new area of objective reality. The first glance at this dilemma begs the division of the universe into types of matter, principally knowable, and into types of matter that remain unknowable (perhaps yet?). These types of matter in one case are expounded by Hegel as a world of universal connection and knowability, and in another case as Kant’s thing in itself. Among the main conclusions is the position on existence of new categories of participation and non-participation, existence of one definiteness of a visible universe, as opposed to other worlds that each have their own definiteness. Correlation of philosophy and physics and astrophysics leads to the hypothesis on the difference between objective reality of existence of the world by Kant’s principles, and the world by the principles of Hegel’s philosophy.
Shakhbazian S.V. - Criminal law and criminal procedure aspects of application of Section 6 of Article 15 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation c. 9-22


Abstract: This article explores the criminal procedure and criminal law aspects of application of Section 6 of Article 15 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (CCRF). The author carefully examines such aspects of the topic as consequences of reconciliation of the parties to a dispute in cases of change of the category of a crime, application of the positions from Chapter 11 of the CCRF in cases of change of the category of crime, limitations of court of cassation in application of Section 6 of Article 15 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, as well as change of the category of a crime in hearing of a criminal case according to Chapter 40.1 of the Criminal Procedure Code. Among the main conclusions is that application of Section 6 of Article 15 of the CCRF causes a number of criminal law and criminal procedure issues that can produce corruption in the judicial process during the evaluation of the gravity of a crime. Section 6 of Article 15 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation expands the boundaries of the principle of judicial discretion and defines dispositive regulation of criminal law relations.
Kalabekova S.V. - Cosmopolitanism Vs Patriotism and the context of globalization c. 23-29


Abstract: The object of the analysis is the research of the globalization trends, while the subject is the social substance and forms of manifestation of Cosmopolitanism and patriotism. The author examines the contradicting unity and interdependency of these phenomena, their impact upon the formation of the global thought and ethnic self-conscience. The author analyzes the correspondence of cosmopolitan values with the nature of globalization; importance of local identities and nationalistic-patriotic orientations, as well as their association with the values of universalism. A special attention is paid to the dependence of the progress of globalization upon the combination of cosmopolitan and local patriotic practices. The scientific novelty consists in substantiation of the thesis on the complex nature of Cosmopolitanism and patriotism. The ideas of Cosmopolitanism emerge in the course of historical development, being demanded by the conditions of national and political life, as well as requirements for civilized development. Therefore, the topic of this article allows the author to formulate the following conclusions: 1) demand for cosmopolitan orientations and patriotism values are actualized by the requirements of globalization; 2) the logic of modern development presupposes interconnection and interdependency of these crucial trends of globalization.
Vasin S.M., Gamidullaeva L.A. - Identification and evaluation of institutional factors supporting innovation entrepreneurship in the economic crisis c. 30-36


Abstract: The authors have developed a method of evaluating the effectiveness of state support system at the regional level, which makes it possible to assess the actual level of management effectiveness in a particular region and to identify existing reserves. Correlation and regression analysis, which gives an opportunity to identify the most important factors that have the greatest impact on the effectiveness of the state support system in the sector, were developed. Also authors proposed correlation and regression models (for example, the model showing the influence of the effectiveness of information support for innovative activity of organizations in the region; model showing the influence of accessibility of innovative infrastructure on the number of small businesses in the region, per 100 thousand residents, and others). Application of this method in the practice of public sector of small innovative business administration will take into account the influence of qualitative factors in evaluating the effectiveness of the system as a whole.
Polyakova M.R. - Facing East: prospect of energy export from Russia to China c. 37-47


Abstract: The subject of this research is the question of regional integration of the countries of Northeastern Asia in the area of energy, on the example of organization of energy export from Russia to China. The author presents the data on the current situation with regards to organizing the energy export, and presents the analysis of the potential of bordering Russian regions in energy production for the purpose organizing energy export to People’s Republic of China. A special attention is given to the questions of supplying the member-states of the Northeastern Asia with energy. Among the main conclusions of this research is the fact that increasing its own export potential in the energy sphere will allow Russia to strengthen the existing energy complex of the Russian regions bordering China, stimulate the development of associated industries, create new jobs in the regions, increase tax revenue in the regions, as well as make quality changes within the structure of the trade balance between Russia and China with regards to energy.
Subbotsky E. - Vygotsky-Luria approach towards “Conscious Action” and current research on “Executive Function” c. 48-74


Abstract: In this work the author compares the research of conscious action in the context of the Vygotsky and Luria theory, and modern research on executive function. With few exceptions the modern research in the West conceptualizes the notion of “executive function” independently from its original meaning established by Vygotsky and Luria, and in an ever increasing manner is being viewed as a function, or directly governed by neuronal processes taking place in the brain, or as a complex, “context-free” cognitive construct. But such approach towards willful behavior is contradicted by empirically established facts: high dependency of the level of willfulness of behavior experienced from the content of instruction and from culture in which the research is conducted. The scientific novelty of this research is substantiated by the fact that this work is first to compare the approach of Vygotsky and Luria on conscious action with the modern concept of executive action based on experimental research and practical work with children.
Languages and Linguistics
Bondareva E.P., Podgornaya E.A., Chistyakova G.V. - Virtual self-representations: the gender aspect c. 75-83


Abstract: The subject of this research is the gender analysis of the strategies and techniques, using which the visitors of the dating sites create unrestricted forms of self-representations. The authors clarify the notions of “communication strategy”, “speech strategy” and “communication tactic”, and “speech tactic”. The material for the research were the self-representations of men and women of 18 years of age and above, presented on the Russian and English language dating sites. As a unit of analysis the authors used a fragment of self-representation, which verbalized a certain strategy/tactic. Among the main conclusions of the conducted research are the discovered five universal verbal strategies characteristic for men and women, users of Russian and English languages: characteristics of the target of search, purpose of search, creation of the image of a desired situation, and direction towards communication. Each verbal strategy has a certain set of communicational and speech tactics. There were no major differences detected in the choice of verbal strategies and communication tactics that were characteristic to the speech of men and women of both languages.
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