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Содержание № 02, 2018
Rulan N. - The equality of men and women: ethics in the XXI century? c. 1-24


Abstract: The author examines the questions of gender equality in the modern world, as well as from the historical-anthropological perspective. The article deals with the examples of gender inequality from the physical, sociological and psychological standpoints, in various cultures, and how it can affect marriages between men and women, where interdependence and mutual interest play a significant role in consummation and preservation of marriage. The work leans on the cases of Norwegian-Russian and French-Russian marital unions, using the traditional to sociology and jurisprudence method of scientific research. The material carries anthropological character, which explains the extensive use of the methods of historical sciences. The author explicates the causes of gender inequality, their origin and consolidation in the culture, religion, and law, as well as demonstrates a range of interesting examples of sociological, cultural, and legal inequality of genders from the various cultural environments, countries and continents. Using the precedents of Norwegian-Russian and French-Russian marriages, the author analyzes how their union is preserved based on the interdependence and mutual interest.
Political science
Kovalev D.V. - The Dominant Party and transformation of the Russian multiparty system in the early XXI century c. 25-29


Abstract: The subject of this research the transformation of party system of the Russian State due to emergence of the dominant party – “United Russia”. Special attention is given to such aspects of the topic as changes in the electoral and party legislation, as well as the correlation of political forces at the level of representative bodies as a result of the rapidly increased influence of the “party of power” and its enhancing control over the system of public administration. The author focuses on the assessment of V. V. Putin's consolidating role in unification of the largest sociopolitical organizations of centrist orientation. The study carries a historical-political character, as well as leans on the interdisciplinary approach towards analyzing the phenomena and processes in political life of the Russian State of the early XXI century. The scientific novelty lies in the author's attempt to determine and describe the factors that substantiated the long-term dominance of the “party of power” within the Russian state political system throughout the first decade of the XXI century. The dominant position of the “United Russia” is associated not as much with the traditional to Russia use of administrative resource, but the peculiarities of political culture of the society, characterized by a relatively high level of preferences in favor of the ruling elite.
Diansaee B. - Iran’s role in the crisis Middle East: the factor of relaxation of sanctions on the nuclear program (2015-2017) c. 30-35


Abstract: The subject of this research is the analysis of the key factors affecting the formation of foreign policy of Iran in the Middle East in the context of their solution to the problem of regulation of Iran’s nuclear program and application of sanctions. Special attention is given to the examination of the threats to Iran’s security and regional stability in the situation following the relaxation of sanctions and settlement of the Syrian conflict. The author explores the key components of the foreign policy strategy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Middle East region, as well as with regards to the allied states. The article underlines that after the talks on the Iran’s Nuclear Agreement that took place between Iran and P5+1, as well as signing the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (2015), Iran did not changed their regional strategy. Author’s special contribution into the research of this topic lies in the fact that despite some short-term consequences, which unfolded in the region following the conclusion of the JCPOA, this agreement is still not a decisive factor that defines the vector of regional transformations. In the long-term perspective, the situation in the Middle East and Iran’s role therein will be determined by both, the domestic conditions and regional trends, as well as the factor of international involvement into the regional process.
Kryuchkov K.S. - Existential psychotherapy of Irvin Yalom as an integral approach to teaching existentialism to psychology students c. 36-43


Abstract: This article presents an original approach to teaching existential psychology and psychotherapy within the framework of academic course. Attention is given to the brief one-semester long courses, offered in terms of specialization in psychological consulting, rather than the entirely existential programs (such as specialized Master’s degree programs).The author examines the question of transferring to the students not only the theoretical knowledge on existentialism, but also the practical aspects of preparation of psychologists. Taking into account the specificity of existential aspect, namely its “untechnical nature”, the author raises a question on possibility of the initial formation of “existential orientation” among the psychology students. For solving this task the author proposes a special approach to teaching the disciplines: instead of the profound study of only one approach or chronological general psychological representation on existential approaches, is suggested an integral model of correlation between existential approaches and existential factors described by I. Yalom. The author proposes a theoretical model of didactical correlation of various vectors of existential psychology and psychotherapy with existential factors, which was put forward by I. Yalom. Moreover, a description is provided to a number of specific techniques that demonstrate their efficiency in teaching existential psychology and psychotherapy. Besides the more traditional techniques such as discussion and demonstration, an innovative technique of “self-therapeutic film” is proposed. This model is suggested for further advancement by the experts in the area of existential psychology and psychotherapy.
Minasyan E.T. - Various roles of an educator in the mixed learning environment c. 44-47


Abstract: The higher education in Russia is constantly advancing towards the development of mixed learning environment to conform to the world standards. The key trends of today’s education encompass the skills-based approach geared towards students, as well as computerized obtainment of knowledge that lead to gradual transition from the traditional education to self-education. The main objective of the article is to determine the various roles of an educator in managing academic flexibility, development of hybrid curricula with online component, thus encouraging lifelong learning. Main attention is given to identification of the challenges and requirements set before educators that have to effectively meet the needs of the students. The research is based on the empirical studies conducted by contemporary scholars, comparative analyses of diverse learning methods, as well as practical implications of micromixing learning strategies, which trigger the transformation and expansion of the educator’s functions. The scientific conclusions implicate that the technological improvements and modifications within the academic environment dictate the emergence and advancement of the diverse education styles, which pursue the goal to increase the insufficient language practice by means of the informal education. The results of research can be successfully implemented in educational sphere for development and introduction of the e-learning curricula with effective educators.
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