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Содержание № 01, 2021
Krasikov V.I. - Anthropological background of vice c. 1-9


Abstract: This study is conducted this within the theoretical framework of philosophical anthropology and existential problems in modern philosophy. The discourse of philosophical anthropology seeks to decipher the basic codes of the biosocial nature of man in its formative influence on his consciousness and behavior. On the contrary, existential analysis tries to determine the conditions for successful resistance to the influence on the consciousness of numerous interventionists and the possibility of the formation of reasonable autonomy. Thus, this study seeks to find an acceptable balance in the use of methodological tools of philosophical anthropology and existential analysis in solving the problem of the mutual influence of bodily, social passions and consciousness. The article is devoted to an explanation of meanings of such human phenomenon as vice. The author strives to uncover the etymological and anthropological implication of this human given. He believes that the notions of "vice" and "virtue" are socially conditional. The nature of our desires is primary. Vice and virtue are flickering areas of the socially significant in these desires. They are contoured on intuitive-semantic quality and marked with labels of words. If the ego, the spirit lose their sovereignty then psychic and physiological element, biological fury come forth making of a human-being their prisoner. The harmony between two levels of existence in the human-being always is relative and transient. The author convinces that we should tolerably understand the nature of this human attribute and therefore we can humanize it.
Golechkova O. - “The October Revolution is Still Shaking Our World”: Italians on the centennial anniversary of 1917 c. 10-25


Abstract: This article analyzes an isolated case within the framework of trend of jubilee mania – recent centenary celebration of the Revolution of 1917 in Italy. The author believes that many historical events reappear on the horizon when assigned to play an important role in modern politics. The article describes how the Italians view the Revolution and how it helps to explain modern Russia. The research is carried out within the framework of methodology of public history. Having examined a wide variety of sources (online articles, articles in newspapers and magazines, scientific writings, information on the congresses and conferences, exhibitions, concerts, etc.), the author attempts to demonstrate how the Russian revolutions are reflected in the Italian public opinion. The conclusion is made that the Revolution plays an important role not only in modern Russia, in Italy as well. The latter believe that the Revolution is still present in their culture and politics, correlates with their own path of political history of the XX century, including the powerful Movement for the left that emerged in the country after the World War II. At the same time, Russia did not give due attention to celebration of the centennial anniversary, focusing rather on the victory over Hitler, since this event projects the glory of the Soviet Union onto the modern Russian Federation.
Political science
Filina A.D., Tretyakova G.V. - Economic cooperation of Canada with Asia-Pacific countries in the energy sector c. 26-30


Abstract: The article is devoted to an urgent problem of our time - the integration of Canadian energy markets into the energy markets of the Asia-Pacific region. Canada's economy is currently the 16th largest in the world in terms of GDP and is heavily dependent on international trade, whose prosperity is inextricably linked to external markets and the ability to access those markets. In turn, China, Japan, and South Korea are the world's largest importers of crude oil and liquefied natural gas. The study considers not only the reasons for the need of Canada's energy markets to enter the Asia-Pacific region, but also analyzes the dependence of the Canadian economy on the economy of the United States of America. The main conclusions of the study consist in outlining the ways of integrating the energy markets of Canada and the Asia-Pacific countries. The built economic model of interaction should not only exist within the framework of the created legal acts but also should determine the importance of the formation of this economic institution for subsequent development. This work is of particular relevance due to the fact that joint development within the economic area creates a stable relationship, which can later be used for external use, within the framework of building a new type of economic model. Thus, the information acquires statistical value and can be used in further research. The author believes that the goal of this research is achieved by considering the economic cooperation of Canada with the Asia-Pacific countries in the energy sector.
Hussein D.J. - Theoretical approaches towards the steps of nongovernmental actors in world politics: global paradiplomacy of the Iraqi Kurdistan (KRI). c. 31-41


Abstract: This article presents a theoretical approach towards the global political steps of non-state actors. Particular attention is given to a number of theories of international relations, such as neorealism, international liberalism, and constructivism, which are able to encompass current global actions of non-state political actors. For a clearer perspective on the subject matter, the article employs the example of Iraqi Kurdistan (KRI); as a non-state actor, KRI has recently become a vivid example for the theories of international relations. The conclusion is made that security, economy, culture, religion and identity are the key and post powerful instruments of non-state actors of international politics. The example of KRI demonstrates that international relations of non-state actors focus on security, economy and culture, as well as serve as the instruments of interaction with both, state and non-state actors. The article reviews such activity within the framework of neorealism, international liberalism, and constructivism. It is underlines that the example of Iraqi Kurdistan (KRI) fully meets all the criteria of a non-state actor of international politics. It is also a brilliant example for the theories of international relations.
Cultural and ethnic studies
Okhlopkova D.K. - On the development of scientific and educational speleological tourism in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) (Russian Federation) c. 42-48


Abstract: The article describes a new kind of educational and extreme tourism – speleotourism. The author examines the question of organization and development of speleological tourism in Yakutia from scientific-educational perspective of studying the geographical peculiarities of the region – rupestral and runic-like inscriptions, as well as offers the methods and mechanisms for the development of this type of tourism, which is a promising direction of inbound and outbound tourism in Yakutia and attracts a large number of tourists-researchers. The article employs the methods of recreational zoning, SWOT-analysis, field observations, comparative-geographical method, analysis of the documents and fund materials of the institutions and organizations, as well as literary sources. The scientific novelty of this work lies in providing the analysis of development of speleological tourism in the Sakha Republic, determination of geographical peculiarities of its development, and formulation of recommendations for the advancement of this type of tourism in the region. Tourist routs, composed with consideration of geographical objects, contribute to protection of the environment, cultivate the sense of harmony with nature in a person, awareness of its fragility and vulnerability, forms environmental responsibility and culture.    
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