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Содержание № 04, 2021
Political science
Brambila Martinez F. - The role of international organizations, transnational governance, metrics and indicators of the quality of government activity within the framework of global governance c. 1-5


Abstract: This article examines the current role and mechanisms of international organizations in assessment of the quality of global governance. The subject of this research is the assessment and indicators of state participation in the development and implementation of transnational governance. The goal lies in the analysis of the concept of governance through the prism of the Fukuyama-Manning theory. Globalization is viewed in the economic and political dimension to determine the need for creating the transnational administrative framework. The results of global governance in the form of assessment and indicators of the quality of state administration are explored in the context of correlations between the production and demand of political indicators, their nature and practical advantages. The author analyzes the existing hypothesis on the role of international organizations within the system of global governance to outline the prospects for transnational governance. The detailed theoretical and practical approach towards assessment and metrics of state administration is realized via qualitative analysis for determining the prospects for the standardized system. In conclusion, the author emphasizes the equal importance of governance, globalization, and state policy for achieving the functional structure of global governance. This article represents the conceptual framework for the study and development of the systems for evaluation of the government performance to ensure successful intergovernmental cooperation in the globalization era.
Maier M.D. - The impact of certain aspects of international criminal justice upon interdependent processes of democratization and reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina c. 6-21


Abstract: It is difficult to assess the processes of democratization and reconciliation in post-conflict societies. The factors that affect reconciliation are yet to be fully determine in the academic literature. It is also unclear to what extent each element may promote or obstruct the reconciliation process. The author explores the interrelation and interdependence of the concepts of democratization and reconciliation on the example of the post-conflict region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and focuses on the impact of international criminal justice upon the processes of democratization and reconciliation. The article covers the current political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as assesses the performance of the institutions of international justice, such as the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia. The author believes that the literature missed so factors that may contribute to reconciliation. An assumption is made that released prisoners may influence the reconciliation process, and this should be viewed as a separate and crucial sub-factor of the consequences of international criminal justice. The author recommends to use all available information and carry out quantitative research in the affected region, assessing public opinion with application of a more nuanced approach towards differentiation of the aspects of international criminal justice. Analysis is conducted on the limited impact of international justice upon the reconciliation process. A hypothesis is advances on interrelation between the aforementioned sub-factor and the processes of reconciliation and democratization.
Emirilyasova S.S. - Gamification as a method of increasing motivation of law students in learning English language c. 22-29


Abstract: This article deals with the main approaches of «gamification» as a new concept in the context of higher education, as well as an exceptional peculiarity of the phenomenon in enhancing motivation of the students majoring in law. Gamification is a relatively new branch of linguistic research. Multiple scientific works are currently dedicated to virtual reality as an integral and perspective part of education, which includes certain motivational mechanisms. Special emphasis is placed on the internal and external educational motivation of students. The ways to increase motivation through gamification in the educational process are introduced. Particular attention in the article is paid to the role of the English language teacher. One of the fundamental tasks of the teacher of the XXI century consists in the introduction of gaming technologies into teaching a foreign language. It is proven that the implementation of gamified teaching methods will lead to student engagement and better attitude towards the English language, since involvement into online educational content allows the students to enjoy the immediate results of their work and feel content for the points earned. The use of gamification tools in the system of learning a foreign language is an appropriate way to improve attendance and activity of law students.
Languages and Linguistics
Akamov A.T., Bekeeva A.M. - Quranic motifs in the Kumyk religious literature c. 30-42


Abstract: The object of this research is the Kumyk medieval literature, dominated by thee ideas of enlightenment and religious unity. As a result of adoption of Islam by the peoples of Dagestan, including Kumyks, their written literature grounded on Quran, acquires a pronounced Muslim character. The Kumyk religious literature existed in the forms of sermons, cogitations, philosophizing and homilies, commonly known as “turki”. The concept of “turki”, which encompasses numerous religious poems of various contents and forms, represents a uniform system of genres, namely religious poetry. It is determined that alongside consolidation of the position of Islam in Dagestan in the XVI century, the religious themes become increasingly popular in the literary works of Kumyk poets and theologians. The authors examine  the Quranic motifs in the Kumyk religious literature  on the example of the collection “Majmu ul-Manzumat al-Ajamiyya”. Eschatological motifs in the aforementioned work can be divided into two parts: edifying that provide moral and ethical instructions, and descriptive that depict perturbations that await people for non-compliance with such instructions.  
Akamov A.T., Bekeeva A.M. - The peculiarities of poetic language of Abdurrahman of Kakashura c. 43-50


Abstract: This article is examines the literary style of the prominent theologian and poet Abdurrahman of Kakashura. Special attention is given to the philosophical-aesthetic principles that underlie his works. The author emphasizes the uniqueness of the poet’s worldview, imagery, and specific use of linguistic means. His poetic gives an in-depth perspective on Sufism – one of the central phenomena in the political and cultural life of the Republic of Dagestan. The works of Abdurrahman of Kakashura prevalently deliver a humanistic message, since he considered as the founder of humanistic trend in the Kumyk literature and to a certain degree represents a transitional stage between the medieval and modern literature. The conclusion is made that the poetry of Abdurrahman of Kakashura should be viewed not only as poetry aimed at proliferation of the ideas of Sufism, but also as the poetry of “progress” oriented towards healing from the mental malady the society was concerned with. In his poetry, the author trace genuine benevolence, ardent hatred of those who build their wealth on misery of the others. The impact of the poetry of Abdurrahman of Kakashura upon successive generations of Kumyk and Dagestani poets is indisputable. It is worth noting that most of the issues addressed in his poetry had vast repercussions in Dagestan and contributed to the development of progressive thought of his time.
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