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Содержание № 04, 2022
Political science
Tatlioglu E. - Turkish-Russian Relations within the BSEC c. 1-7



Abstract: The article provides a brief analysis of the history of development and the current state of the Russian-Turkish partnership within the framework of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization, which can be considered a functional area of cooperation that uses the convergence of the countries of the region by creating cooperation on various issues, such as the production of energy from underground resources of strategic importance for the region, agricultural production and tourism. In addition to this, the Black Sea Economic Organization is of notable importance in terms of sustaining stability in the region due to addressing the growing security concerns in the Black Sea region. The concept of a global security threat changed shape with the end of the Cold War. This led to a change in the view of international organizations on defense and allowed a focus on increasing the level of stability through the global policy of cooperation organizations created for security and economic purposes. The article also describes the measures and results of the two countries to ensure the fuel and energy balance in the Black Sea region, steps to reduce political tension associated with Turkey's participation in a strategic partnership with the EU countries, key projects in the fuel and energy sector. It should be noted that the identity of the historical destinies of Russia and Turkey, their historical and cultural role of the "East" in the West and "West" in the East, the unique geopolitical position, geographical proximity contribute to the strengthening of economic, political, cultural ties between Russia and Turkey.
Cheglakov A.D. - Features of emotional impact and therapeutic properties of wooden sculptures c. 8-13



Abstract: The article examines the ability of wooden sculptures and objects to influence the psycho-emotional state of a person. The author emphasizes that the gradually widening gap between man and nature, expressed in the large-scale and rapid development of big cities and the transition of a natural factor in them to the background, gives rise to a completely new problematic research and an applied field, requiring the creation of operational mechanisms for relieving the growing tension in a situation of alienation from nature. It is said that one of the latest achievements of the European scientific community is the allocation of this issue as a nature deficit disorder, as well as the first steps that appear in an attempt to resolve this issue in the frame of natural therapies – special ways of human interaction with nature. The article traces and analyzes the possibility of using wooden sculpture as one of the tools for stabilizing the psychoemotional and physical state of a person through interaction with natural material with a rather concise and natural forms. Thus, the development of wooden sculptures and their inclusion in training, educational and rehabilitation programs allows us to talk about the properties of wooden sculpture as an affordable and effective tool of therapy.
Languages and Linguistics
Arsentyeva Y.S. - Cognitive Strategies of Transformational Use of English Phraseological Euphemisms in Linguistic Experiment c. 14-19



Abstract: Cognitive strategies of occasional transformational use of English phraseological euphemisms in linguistic experiment are subject to consideration. The purpose of the study is to determine the cognitive strategies of the occasional use of phraseological euphemisms. The subject of the research: the types of cognitive strategies, which are used in ocasional transformations of English phraseological euphemisms, the study of which was performed after the literature survey and a brief description of the linguistic experiment. Research methods: the method of phraseological analysis developed by A.V. Kunin, which exists in two forms - phraseological identification and phraseological description, contextual analysis method, definitional analysis, component (seme) analysis. The novelty of the study: as a result of the linguistic experiment, for the first time, cognitive strategies of the transformational use of English phraseological euphemisms, combining the characteristic features of both phraseological and euphemistic nominations, were determined. Results of the study: two cognitive strategies were identified that are characteristic of all types of occasional use – informing strategy and the strategy of expressivization. Evaluation strategy is defined when using the addition of a component / components, insertion and replacement of a component / components; objectification strategy is revealed in the cleft use of euphemistic units; accentualization strategy when using phraseological reiteration, permutation and phraseological saturation of context. For the first time, we have singled out the strategy of cognitive deployment of the image, which is characteristic of the most complex types of occasional use of phraseological euphemisms, namely, phraseological pun, extended metaphor and phraseological allusion.
Mysovskikh L.O. - The formation of a unique paradigm of religious Existentialism in the poetry of Fyodor Tyutchev c. 20-29



Abstract: The philosophical nature of Tyutchev's poetry was noted by researchers of his work during the poet's lifetime. The study of Tyutchev's work makes it possible to trace the origin of a unique direction of philosophical thought in Russian poetry of the XIX century – religious existentialism. The research carried out within the framework of this article allowed us to trace the genesis of the original direction of religious existentialism in the poetry of F. Tyutchev, who interpreted Nature in his work in philosophical categories. In his poetic works, Tyutchev does not just depict the splendor of Nature, but shows his own idea of the essence of the universe and tries to solve the riddle of human existence through the knowledge of the secrets of Nature, which is presented as proof of the existence of God. Thus, Tyutchev's poetry of Nature is regarded as existential poetry, since it gives a person an answer to the question of the meaning of his existence. In Tyutchev's poetry, the tragedy of human existence correlates with a similar theme developed in the philosophical treatises of the founder of existentialism, S. Kierkegaard, and subsequently continued in the works of the German existential philosopher K. Jaspers. Kierkegaard imagined a gloomy reality where a person is doomed to exist, plunged into the abyss of despair. At the same time, the founder of existentialism offered man a way out of tragic existence through the process of self-improvement, that is, the formation of his own personality, and striving for God. However, the process of becoming a personality is also a path to the tragedy of being, as it leads to a violation of harmony between man and Nature. It is this existential problem, which is related to the borderline situation of Jaspers, that lies in the focus of Tyutchev's attention, who described in poetic form the relationship between man and Nature and showed the only possible way out of this situation through making an existential choice in favor of accepting faith in the true God.
Poursanati S., Ghodrati A. - Russian Formalism in Practice: A Narratological Reading of Joseph Conrad's Youth c. 30-43



Abstract: Conrad's shorter works of fiction are mostly ignored in the formalistic analysis of his critics. Therefore, in order to fill the gap in the literature associated with the narrative structure of Conrad's shorter works, the authors of this article consider in detail the ideas of Genette's narratology for Conrad's story "Youth, Narration". Narratology, the method used in this article, is a science of literature that originated in the works of Russian formalists and is engaged in the systematic study of narratives. The purpose of this science is to identify the basic structures and relationships involved in the creation of history and its meaning. To achieve this goal, the theorists of narratology have introduced and defined a number of language rules that separate all narratives written in all languages. The scientific novelty of the work lies in the fact that in practice the narratological reading of the material is shown, and also shows how the authors apply these structural rules to their texts. Genette, a French narratologist, introduced five narrative categories in his book Narrative Discourse; these categories include Order, Duration, Frequency, Mood, and Voice. This article discusses Genette's narrative categories applied to Joseph Conrad's short story "Youth, Narrative" and identifies the structural nuances of this story in order to help readers in general and those who study literature, in particular, to touch upon a careful reading of Conrad's writing style.
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